Corsetry as an Art Form


b. 1986, HK.



Lucy Emke has been making corsets for the past 14 years. She produces corsets as a form of art, with great thought and effort going in to each piece. Her work draws inspiration from a variety of sources - from Norwegian landscape to Film Noire and is constantly evolving. As of 2018 she is on a hiatus from taking custom commissions to focus on her degree.

She is currently teaching herself how to make bras and other forms of lingerie, working on several articles for Foundations Revealed and is available on a limited basis for private tuition in Oslo, Norway or Coventry, UK. She also offers creative content through Patreon.

Collaborations are offered on a very limited basis, but a large selection of corsets are available to rent with prices dependent on the piece. She does not sponsor models.